Apple company's new features for upcoming iPhones

Apple is in plans for a series of new features for upcoming iPhones. While it has already introduced brand-new design strategy with the iPhone X, the upcoming iPhones will have other numerous features to differentiate between the models.

According to the reports, Apple is said to be working on the OLED panels that can be curved at certain points from top to bottom. The new display technology of Apple is expected to deliver an enthralling experience to viewers.  Along with the displays, the company is likely to work on the new gesture control feature which permits users to control the iPhones by just moving their fingers close to display yet not visually touching the phone. However, the additional features of new gesture control and display technologies are in early research and are expected to be incorporated in 2020 or 2021 model years.

Apple is also in plans to replace the current OLED displays with the new display technology and it is likely to be debuted with Apple Watch in the next few years. However according to the current short term plans the company is planning to expand the range of OLED devices in the new iPhone Xs Plus variant likely to have 6.5” screen.

source :-  Bloomberg

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