Apple likely to switchover to its own Chips in Macs

Apple is in plans to shift its Intel processors usage in its Mac Computers with its own chips by 2020 says one of the Bloomberg reports. We are aware that Apple replaced IBM’s PowerPC chips with Intel in its Mac processor. Apple also uses Intel’s modem chips in some iPhones.

As of Bloomberg, Apple will begin its migration from Intel chips to its own with its 12-inch MacBook laptops and by 2020 majority of its devices will run on companies chips. Post the reports has hit the media, Intel stock price raised as Apple provides approximately 5 percent of the chipmaker’s annual revenue.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had announced of using their own chips and Bloomberg reported it might be a multi-step transition on the way. However it is also clear that Intel chips will remain in iMac Pro and Mac Pro as the company is estimating that their own chips could reach the demand of Mac users. Apply is also creating more flexibility of running iOS apps in Mac Computers with best experience from Desktop platforms and mobile. 

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