ZTE 'Iceberg' phone concept has 2 notches and clear edges!

Image: WinFuture
ZTE seem to be thinking that two is always better than one, as the Chinese phone manufacturer has decided to opt for 'Iceberg' design that includes a top and bottom notch along with clear corners.

ZTE Iceberg as referred will have a notch on the top and bottom, according to renders shared by WinFuture. While the top notch contains a selfie camera, a sensor for ambient light, and an earpiece for phone calls, the bottom notch on the other hand will include phone’s front-facing speaker.

The 'Iceberg' phone concept weirdly sports four glass edges on each corner, where it includes more surface angles to the conventional rounded rectangle finish.

ZTE’s experimental design on the added glass corners to the phone remains yet unclear. Apart from this, the other features of the device include a rear fingerprint reader and dual rear cameras. It further includes a mystery port to be connected to a charging unit or other accessories.

ZTE 'Iceberg' may release early 2019 to be made available to consumers.

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