2019 Apple iPhone Models could drop 3D Touch!

According to reports from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, a note to investors say that it’s “widely understood” the 2019 iPhones with OLED displays won’t support 3D Touch, the pressure-sensitive feature Apple made big deal in 2015 launch.

Merging this report with a very reliable Apple insider analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that the other iPhone model also won’t include 3D Touch which has a cheaper LCD screen analyzes that 3D Touch, a flagship feature on the iPhone 6S will soon be vanished from the future iPhones to be released.

The reports signify the end of 3D Touch as we know it. However, it wouldn't be a surprise if not many Apple users would probably be too upset about it. Though it was introduced as revolutionary feature, it never really quite caught on.

The reports however didn't mention if the same applies to the Apple Watch which also uses a 3D Touch-like feature.

Img Source - Techspot

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