Amazon working on live TV recording device

[Photo: courtesy of Amazon; Liz Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons]
It is known fact that TiVo dominates the current market for recording live TV and now Amazon seems to be stepping into the market by working on a new device of its own.

Sources revealed that the device, internally dubbed “Frank,” will be linked to Amazon’s Fire TV boxes. Fire TV though has the ability to stream the Amazon Channels, it couldn't store the videos. Now User can record live TV and stream the video to a smartphone so that they can watch them at their convenience. This functionality is the same as TiVo and Dish Network Corp.’s Slingbox.

Amazon is yet to take a call on the streaming feature considering that it could either delay or cancel the plans. Information from the sources reveal that the company is developing the DVR in its Lab 126 R&D center, which has earlier worked on the Echo speaker and now on Project Vesta, a domestic robot.

The company is also in its plans to update its Fire TV stick - a smaller version of the Fire TV box - with newer software.

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