Apple to initiate multi-hovering on the 2019 iPhone models

Apple which has previously introduced 3D sensing-powered facial recognition to the smartphones via the TrueDepth Camera system on the iPhone X, is in plans to enable a multi-hovering experience as well as an enhanced list of augmented reality (AR) features to leverage 3D sensing.

iPhones 2019 models are likely to feature triple camera setup to start enabling AR features. The company is also in its plans to improve the interface of its handsets by using optimal 3D mapping to enable air gestures.

Several reports revealed that Apple is set to introduce multi-hovering on the 2019 iPhone models which will aid the advanced hardware to recognize three or more fingers from a distance of 50mm. In addition, Apple is also looking for ways to enable users to use gestures such as pinch-to-zoom even when the display of the iPhone and the finger are apart. This could take the existing iOS experience to new levels.

Apple for now is providing features such as Animoji and Memoji through the 3D sensing camera of the iPhone X, and this might extend to offering hand gesture interfaces. The feature will initially be introduced to new iPhone versions and may extend to future Mac machines as well.

iPhone models 2019 will have a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor to help future iPhone models draw 3D structures and overlay information on top of real-world scenes. Apple is likely to introduce bring some software-side changes to bring a large of AR features. Apple will drop the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch technology and give space to air gestures or multi-hovering controls. we need to wait for some more time for more details.

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