Apple’s Mac mini, low-cost MacBook refresh arriving soon

Reports from Apple reveal that the company is planning to launch a new low-cost MacBook that will look similar to MacBook Air. However, this low-cost Mac book will have thinner bezels around a 13-inch display. The display on the unit is referred as Retinal model, but at a higher dot-per-inch count than other products.

The MacBook was last refreshed on June 5, 2017, and looks like this is associated with the resurrection of the MacBook Air amd the rumors that are surfacing on a new MacBook launch in 2018. Apple manufacturers Quanta and Foxconn seemed to have been delivered the manufacturing duties.

Mac mini

On the other hand, the rumored Mac Mini will focus on the "Pro" users like "app developers, those running home media centers, and server farm managers", and it is expected to be pricier compared to the previous versions. The refresh will happen after a September iPhone launch event. Apple is expected to offer new storage and processor options.


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