Electric Scooter Lime, Bird Spin targets markets worldwide

Image credits - qz
Electric scooter companies though facing the backlash and hurdles are continuing to target markets across worldwide and making their mark. Lime has recently announced its entry into Spain capital Mandrid, while its competitor Bird on the other hand launched these electric scooters in Paris.

Marketed as the environmentally friendly way of commuting, the electric scooters companies  operate in more than 100 US cities as well as around half a dozen in Europe, including Paris. Bird is expanding its zone to outside US and Lime meanwhile us marketing the bikes to a number of European cities

Collectively these Electric Scooter companies including Bird, Lime, Spin,  Goat and Skip have deployed to 33 cities. However outside U.S, you can only find scooters from those companies in just three cities. Bird and Lime are targeting international markets and has raised a funding of $415 million and $467 million respectively.

Electric scooters companies are however facing backlash from cities across the US after mayhem on the streets.

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