Extend your smartphones battery life with new app

While companies are making their efforts packing their Smartphones with larger batter to reach the growing demand for good battery life, here comes a new app developed by researchers to extend your smartphones battery life.

The findings published in the journal IEEE Access have that this developed app has the ability to The findings published in the journal IEEE Access. Your smartphone's battery life can be extended to an hour each day with this novel method.

Co-author Kshirasagar Naik, professor at the University of Waterloo said, "The built-in multi-window feature released with the new Android operating system allows users to have multiple windows and files open at the same time similar to a laptop, but this results in unnecessary energy drain." 

The new app was examined with around smartphone users, who downloaded the software on their devices and used it when they worked on multiple tabs opened. The experiment found that when users have kept energy saving technique mode on, the battery life was extended by 10 to 25 per cent.

“We have developed an app which users can install on their devices and use to reduce the brightness of non-critical applications. So, when you’re interacting with one application, the brightness of the other window goes down thereby reduces the energy consumption of the device,” said Naik.

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