Few Samsung Galaxy Note 9 displays show signs of light leakage!

It's been just few days buyers had the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in their hands, and they are now spotting a major problem. On the left side of the screen of the device, it spotted a light leak which has turned out to be a big distraction to Galaxy Note 9 users. This annoying issue appears right where the edge of the display hits the metal frame.

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 stated that similar issue has happened to the devices, however this condition might not be as terrible as it seem. Some of the users feel that the Galaxy Note 9 light leak is really an illusion that seem to be happening due to the curved screen and reflections from inside the display.

It is to be noted that not all units have this problem due to the way that the phone is painted during the manufacturing process. Samsung for now is looking into the matter and it is expected to issue a statement soon.

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