Google to add Windows 10 dual-boot support to Chromebooks

Google may soon add dual-boot support for Chromebooks. Chrome has come a long way and in addition, Google is looking to add the ability for users to dual-boot in Windows 10.

XDA Developers have have found that Google is looking to add an “alt OS mode” for its Pixelbook laptop from a while now, as an attempt to officially run the alternative operating system. Apple’s own Boot Camp feature Dubbed Campfire, Google’s dual-boot may function Windows 10 on Chromebooks.

Dual-booting — AKA having two operating systems on the same computer will arrive on the Pixelbook soon, and we hear that Google engineers are pushing through multiple changes for Chrome OS for new feature functioning.  However you require an additional storage to install Windows 10, and so devices with 16 GB storages may not find it appropriate to dual-boot Windows 10.

XDA-Developers state that devices will need atleast 40GB of storage to let Windows 10 utilize 30GB and Chrome OS to make use of 10GB.

Also we shouldn't forget the price point. Windows 10 Home is $139, while Windows 10 Pro costs $199. Chromebooks tend to undercut Windows laptops on price and getting windows pre-installed would also increase the price.

Google is actively courting Microsoft hardware certification for its flagship Chromebook, the Pixelbook, and Windows 10 on the Pixelbook is certainly a compelling proposition.

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