LinkedIn plans to relaunch Groups by rolling it into its main app

Microsoft-owned social networking platform LinkedIn is in plans to relaunch groups by rolling it into its main app as the company wants to make its platform more useful.

It's planning to relaunch Groups in the flagship app by the end of the month after quietly pulling the standalone app earlier this year. In addition it will also filter the service by cutting out  and adding in the necessary features. Few of the add-on features include threaded replies and the ability to post video and other media. Meanwhile it'll also cut down the an ability for Group administrators to pre-moderate comments; and a way to email send Group posts as emails to the whole group.

LinkedIn strategy is to make these discontinuations temporary and add them back to the app in some form over time.

“Being a standalone app, Groups was not able to take advantage of the overall LinkedIn ecosystem. Everything from the news feed to notifications to search, these things move at a fast pace, and the minute the apps got separated the main app innovated at a much faster pace and became more advanced than the standalone Groups app,” says the company head.

LinkedIn’s platform Groups conversations will now appear in-stream on the LinkedIn feed, rather than in a separate tab. The threaded replies by group members allows users respond directly to comments within the thread.

Group users can edit posts and share videos and other non-text formats. With central video and rich media like GIFs in other videos becoming quite common, this is certainly a very long overdue feature in LinkedIn. The Group admins will also have new controls like able to pin important items to the top of a Groups’ individual feed approve and remove members by way of the app, as well as send out messages.

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