Play Bendy in Nightmare Run now on your Android

Bendy in Nightmare Run which seems to be the rip off of Cuphead's art style is a free game for Android. It's an endless boss runner basically and you need to run away from night mareish bosses rather than shooting them.

Despite endless runners games on mobiles, Bendy in Nightmare Run uses a slick '20s cartoon theme for its art design and some coolest graphics. The design backdrop is sure a win for this endless runner game.

For starters, players will You swipe left and right to switch lanes, of which there are three, and further swipe up to jump, or swipe up twice to double jump. While you run away from the terrifying bosses, you'll be collecting the cans that are scattered on the ground, besides grabbing some weapons to use them on the chasing boss. These help in unlocking new levels, costumes, and weapons.

Unlike many endless runner games, this one has the main character running towards the screen and not away from the screen. Though it may feel weird for you initially, it'll work for this challenging game.  

Bendy in Nightmare Run is a competing game and it isn't easy although you use the optional powerups.


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