Popular Android devices that came with pre-loaded vulnerabilities

Researchers at the annual Black Hat security conference this year in Las Vegas, have claimed that at least 25 different Android devices have preloaded vulnerabilities giving hackers the potential to  record screens, take screenshots, brick or factory reset a device, or steal private information by making users download a malicious app.

With people falling for thousands of malicious apps, they can use these pre-installed apps' flaws as openings to get in to access the protected files.

Though Google has potential to patrol its Play Store and block malware or apps with security flaws, they may not have much control on what comes packaged on devices. "Any vendor can create an Android build. Some of those pre-installed apps may not get the scrutiny of something that Google creates with their own apps," say researchers.

A security firm Kryptowire has stated that it has found 38 different vulnerabilities that can allow for spying and factory resets loaded onto 25 Android phones, among which 11 were sold by US Carriers. These include the Android devices from  Asus, ZTE, LG and the Essential Phone, which are distributed by carriers like Verizon or AT&T.

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