Vive Wireless Apdapter-HTC reveals pricing details

HTC has officially launched the wireless adapter for the Vive and Vive Pro virtual reality headsets. Take a look at the pricing and specifications details.

The pre-order sales for the US customers will go live from September 5, while it'll be globally launched on 24th September. The adapter will set you back $299.99. Users need to additionally shell out 60 for a compatibility kit or a Vive Pro headset.

Though it's pricier than the entire Oculus Go that comes for $100 cheaper, we need to observe that the duo is not same. The standalone VR experience is significantly different from the PC connected wireless one and the Go headsets may not handle games as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

According to HTC, " The adapter has a broadcast range of 6 meters with a 150 degree field of view from the sensor and runs in the interference-free 60Ghz band using Intel’s WiGig specification, which, combined with DisplayLink’s XR codec, means low latency and high performance with hours of battery life. "

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