PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Controller not for India!

We have already informed to viewers that the company announced Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller at Gamescom 2018 along with the PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 release date and PUBG Xbox One. The pre-orders have already been announced, and the PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller was priced $70 (around Rs. 4,900). The release date is on 30th October.

However, despite PUBG popularity in India, we have come to know that the Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is not coming to India. An email to Gadgets 360 from company read, "We won’t be launching the PUBG LE Controller in India at this time; however, we’re always looking to offer choice and value to our fans. Similar to other products sold around the world, some products may be unique to participating retailers." The company however didn't seem to have given the reason for its absence in Indian market.

There won't be any price increase further, post the release of PUBG Xbox One version 1.0. It will priced as the same as the game on disc. The present game owners as well as new players who purchase the game digitally have the rights to download Xbox #1.0 Set right from 4th September for limited time from in-game lobby.

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