Samsung to launch foldable smartphone 2018 itself!

Samsung will launch the foldable smartphone later this year, according to the reports from the Company. CEO DJ Koh has teased the device could be launched at the Company's developer conference to be held in November. Mr.Koh admitted that the developers in deed faced complications on designing the stylish foldable phone.

Rumors have it that Samsung foldable smartphone comes with a bendable display under the company’s Galaxy Note line. The company has been experimenting on the device from years with the bendable OLED displays, and Samsung has initially released a prototype back in 2012. Since the time, Samsung has allegedly been testing dual-screen smartphones to launch such device in the market.

Koh however didn't reveal much details regarding Samsung’s foldable smartphone or if the device actually be accessible to consumers this year after the launch. He however opines that the foldable smartphone and its features will make customer react with “wow, this is the reason Samsung made it.”

According to the earlier reports, Samsung's first ever foldable smartphone may sport 7-inch single display and the screen will reportedly fold in half like a wallet, with the exterior of the device displaying a small bar of information.

Apart from Samsung, electronic companies such as Lenovo, LG are also working on foldable smartphones and on the other hand, Microsoft has been dreaming of a dual-screen Surface device.

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