Samsung working on in-screen camera and fingerprint sensor to future phones

Samsung is working on its mobile displays with features like an in-screen fingerprint sensor and camera that could eliminate the need for bezel, and further increasing the screen size. Truly, the in-display cameras and sensors are becoming the trend of future phones, and Key electronic player Samsung is working on the new technology.

Samsung has already announced that it's working on other OLED-related technologies, and the company is also working on the fingerprint under the display, touch-sensitive technology and screen sound technology. The Korean giant for now is testing on the technology on few devices including the Galaxy S10 that is coming in its early days, it might not be able to get it.

"#Samsung is working on a new technology trying to hide the front camera underneath the display. My sources told me that there are just a hand full of prototypes using this technology. I don't think we'll see this feature  in retail phones until 2020, but who knows," Samsung twitter handle posted.

The Korean giant is said to have presented four innovations at its 2018 OLED Forum, which includes the in-screen fingerprint sensor, a speaker built into the screen, vibrations that come from the screen and an under-panel sensor. And the final feature is the front-facing camera or iris scanner under the display. So Samsung is edging closer to the launch of truly bezel-less full-screen displays. It is not yet clear if the features will show up in the Galaxy S10 or the upcoming Samsung phones.

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